“Italian Soul” 2015


The “Italian Soul” project has the intent to convey the Italian Visual Arts in the UAE, a land with great potential exhibition.
Our goal is the artistic encounter with the local culture through the contribution of physical artworks of contemporary Italian artists in what a center of attraction of interest to collectors, art lovers and tourism high standard.
With great availability, the project was welcomed and supported by the Italian institutions:
Italian Embassy and Consular Network, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Italian Institution for Tourism.
In the second edition of the project “Italian Soul” includes two exhibitions, one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi, while having a unique leitmotif and an only format.
Our Commission reserves the right to accept and select the artists on display.

The opening in Dubai is scheduled for March 20, 2015 - 6h00 pm
The opening in Abu Dhabi is scheduled for March 28, 2015 - 6h00 pm

The exhibition in Dubai will be located in the prestigious hall of Don Alfonso 1890 our sponsors and partners (www.donalfonso.eu)
The exhibition in Abu Dhabi will be located in the Abu Dhabi Art Hub gallery and cultural center of Abu Dhabi (www.adah.ae)
All phases of the exhibition, preparation, set up, dismantling and curatorship will be cared by Gina Affinito.
The exhibition in the Art Hub is supported in cooperation with the Republic of Latvia which presents the "Latvia Art Month" in the same day of the inauguration. This is to allow the two countries, Italy and Latvia a comparison and an artistic exchange profitable.
The artworks will remain on display for two weeks in Dubai for a week in Abu Dhabi.
A catalog will be produced that will encompass all the works on display and will be channeled groups of visitors during the exposure period for accurate visits to the works on display.
Artist Guest of the event in Abu Dhabi will be Todd Williamson, a Los Angeles contemporary artist that has exhibited in Japan, China, Italy, Germany, France, Korea, Spain, and the United States. He was named as one of the 2009 Artists to Watch by Art & Living Magazine and was a 2010 recipient of the prestigious Pollock Krasner Foundation award grant. He also received two Abstract Awards from Artslant Online, an Artistic Merit from Art 1307-Naples Italy, and the Curators Award from the Micro Museum Brooklyn NY.
He has attended the American Academy in Rome Italy, Nuove Opere Napoltane in Naples Italy, the Skopelos Foundation-Skopelos Greece, the Scuola Internazionale di grafic Venice Italy, and the Louise Bourgeois’ Artists Salon NY .


Italian Soul team:

Immacolata Maddaloni, President Cultural Centre Arianna

Gina Affinito, Art Curator

Grazia Nuzzi, Historical and Critical Art Artrooms, Web gallery Partner

Majid Rais, translations in Arabic

Tania Sabatino, Press Office Mariano Cervone, graphic design

Aleksandra Mandic, official photographer Emanuele Antonio, supporter

Ruzanna Poghosyan, supporter and foreign shipment in Dubai

Karen Elizabeth Hart, art director and supporter in Abu Dhabi

The Artists on display

Marialuisa Acciaioli,  Anna Avossa, Diego Caicedo, Mina Cappussi
Federica Costantino, Pino De Carlo, Alessandra De Zan, Cristina Flaviano, Stefania Fragano, Antonio Franchi, Sandro Frinolli Puzzilli, Tommaso Infè,
Egidio Iovanna, Tina Lattarulo, Livio Lopedote, Gabriella Lusignani, Maria G. Maddaluno, Silvia Magistro, Lia Maglione, Leonardo Martellucci, Chiara Mazza,
Lara Messina Carlo Moretti Vincenzo Musardo Enrico Pambianchi, Ivan Pili, Mario Pizzi, Ciro Pompeo, Simone Rosti, Giovanni Salvati, Elena Savokhina,
Maria Antonietta Scala, Gianfranco Schifano, Marina Taroni, Orlando Tocco, Maria Zimari

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